Bordeaux, France

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About Bordeaux

Sitting along the banks of Garonne River, Bordeaux is one of the most celebrated wine regions in the world. Its city centre also holds the distinction of being a World Heritage Site full of neoclassical and classical architecture. From world-class art and theatre to pleasant waterfront dining, Bordeaux is France at its finest.

Things to do

It’s all about wine in the hills and valleys of Bordeaux, but there’s no need to leave the city limits. Take a deep dive into enotourism at Cité du Vin, a contemporary wine museum incorporating every conceivable aspect of creating superb wines. You can also take a two-hour tasting course at Maison du Vin de Bordeaux near the Golden Triangle.

There’s no place like the Golden Triangle for shopping, dining and absorbing the essence of Bordeaux. Created by the convergence of boulevards Cours Clemenceau, Cours de l’Intendance and Allées de Tourny, it’s a hotbed of vibrant clubs, eateries and lively pubs.

Along the Garonne shores, The Riverfront district thrives with lush gardens and repurposed warehouses. Stroll down the Quai de Bacalan to find trendy shops, sleek bars and laid-back cafes. For a peek at the city’s historic architecture, head to the city centre to see the 114-metre-tall bell tower at the Basilica of St. Michael.

Visit Musée des Beaux-Arts de Bordeaux, one of France’s largest art galleries home to Flemish, Italian and Dutch paintings from the 17th century. Don’t miss the exquisite Place de la Bourse and Three Graces fountain, which stands guard over the Miroir d’Eau reflecting pool.

Getting around

Bordeaux has an extensive bus network, including electric buses and tramways. Bike-shares and rental cars are readily available and most of the city centre is a pedestrian-friendly. A ferry offers transportation between the western and eastern shores of the river.

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