Vienna, Austria

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About Vienna

A visual artistic masterpiece, Vienna oozes contemporary vibes from the pores of its Baroque streetscapes, chic coffee houses and an ensemble of lavish galleries. This capital city holds timeless cultural charm and is aptly referred to as “The City of Music”.

Things to do

If you like horses, Vienna is famous for its Spanish Riding School, which houses a population of the finest Lipizzaner stallions, used in popular shows performed around the world. These horses are trained to execute dressage movements similar to ballet dancing and regarded for their commanding elegance.

One of the best sights to see is Stephansdom, Vienna’s most coveted Gothic treasure. This beautiful church boasts a vibrantly patterned tile roof, rows of chevrons and the symbolic Austrian eagle perched on its top. The interior is equally magnificent, featuring a Gothic stone pulpit and the tomb of Friedrich III.

For an intimate introduction to some of Vienna’s finest art, plan a trip to the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna. This large museum offers a huge collection of paintings and sculptures, highlighted by the exclusive Picture Gallery. If you’re hungry for more, head over to Oberes Belvedere and stroll through galleries displaying splendours from the Habsburg Empire.

Vienna is renowned for its coffee houses, and no trip is complete without a visit to at least one of them. They are usually located on every corner and even their chains Oberlaa and Aida are high quality. Looking to splurge? Try the famous Sachertorte at the historic Cafe Sacher and let your tastebuds do the talking.

Getting around

Vienna International Airport is your gateway to Vienna, located only 30 minutes from the city centre on public transportation. Vienna’s extensive public transit system includes railways, commuter rails, trolleys and buses. Taxis are plentiful, while horse-drawn carriages offer a fun way to see the sights.

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